There’s no better way for us to tell the story of our charity than sharing your experiences.

You can help us spread awareness of CHD and the support we give to patients and their families, which in turn could generate more funds.

We’ve devised a straightforward questionnaire to help you frame a case study for us. To find out more, email

Mother-of-two, Marie Lees, has personally benefited from the funding provided by CHSF.

Her son, Ben (3) was diagnosed with transposition of the great arteries, coarctation of the aorta and a large VSD.

On 23 May 2014, at nine days old, Ben underwent open heart surgery at the LGI and further surgery at eight months old after his aorta failed to grow.

A public relations director for Leeds-based agency, Wolfstar, with 14 years’ experience including raising awareness of charities and good causes, Marie explains the appeal of case studies:

Case studies are the most effective way for a charity to engage not only with the media but potential donors too.

A charity telling people about the great work they do is a given, as they want people to donate. But case studies who can explain the difference a charity has made to them at a difficult time are more effective and engaging, as they are emotive and human interest stories resonate with people.

The voices of the people we help are the best way to demonstrate our charity’s impact.

Take our recent story of brothers Adam and Usman Masood in Asian Express for example.

Stories like this SHOW people how effective we are, rather than simply telling them.

All stories of CHD patients are incredible and moving, although it may be that some are a better fit for particular forms of marketing than others.

We can add your tales to our Real Stories section and will potentially use your words, feedback and pictures on social media and in our magazine.

There’s also the potential for local and national press, although we would have a separate conversation with you if this was a possibility.

If you can help please do get in touch by emailing